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Definition: FOREX, what can this term we often hear about mean? It is simple: Foreign Exchange. Just like firms sell and buy parts of other firms, currencies can be exchanged too. Every day, currencies go to one country to another, without us paying any attention... read more

How to trade on Forex?

Once you have invested your money, it is a good idea to start by understanding in what you are going to invest.
The stock exchange market is a complicated entity, and to make minimal businesses in trading requires a right quality of basic knowledge, the accommodation and acceptance of the high-risk factor... read more

Internet Stock Exchange Investment

Online trading is a major innovation for individuals who no longer depend on their banker. Several small investors have indeed closed their share account at the bank to start online trading, for the most experienced ones; stock exchange has become a passion, even a professional activity. That is how day trading was born... read more

Money investment: 6 solutions to invest.

Money investment: 6 subscription solutions to invest better.
Whether you are really wealthy or not, money investment is often a brain-teaser but it is always based on the trust you put on your interlocutor. The first thought goes to the bank in which you have an account or a bankbook. Other solutions to invest money are possible... read more

Fixed rate bond: the investment for regular incomes.

A bond can be issued by the Staten a public firm or a private society. In every case, the organism issuing the bond promises to pay a constant income during the entire length of the loan. At the end of this loan, the debt must be refunded completely. The fund of a fixed rate bond is not guaranteed, but... read more

Contracts for differences

What is a contract for differences?
The CFD «Contracts For Differences» are a « modern approach of trading » on stock markets.
A CFD is an agreement between two parties to exchange the difference between the opening and the closing price of considered shares. They usually are short-term contracts set up by the... read more

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